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Welcome to Reset Change Windows 7 Password, your ultimate source of tutorials and tips on Windows 7 security and configuring your PC computer or laptop for a safer experience using Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system. At the most basic level, we'll show you how to change passwords for your own user account, as well as other users passwords on your Windows 7 computer. And you'll gradually learn more about Windows 7 security in general, especially as it pertains to the protection of PC users again unauthorized access to their machine and files, but also on the paradoxical safety measures you need to take to protect users again themselves! (You can leverage the security of "privilege levels" on your Windows 7 machine, and setup standard users to prevent installation of potentially unsafe software without supplying the administrator's password, change the Windows UAC prompts frequency, etc.)
Reset change Windows 7 passwords


Reset or change Windows 7 password for different user account types

At the very basic level, you can change the password of multiple users on your Windows 7 computer; the easiest and most common is of course to change your own user account password (for your profile). But you can also, depending on your security access and credentials, change passwords for other users:

Change Windows 7 password Remove password protection on Windows 7
Change Administrator password on Windows 7 Change password hint to reset Windows password
Create a strong password for Windows 7 Bypass Windows 7 password logon screen
Can't remember your Windows 7 password? Setup and add password protection in Windows 7
Create a password reset disk in Windows 7 Change password of saved Remote Desktop connection

Manage other Windows 7 user accounts (on your PC or network)

Aside from your own account, Windows 7 lets you manage the credentials and security settings of other users on your computer, and even that of other people on your local network or HomeGroup:

Change password of another user on Windows 7 Reset the password of another Windows 7 user
Remove the password of another user Add password protection to Windows 7 Guest Account
Prevent users from changing their own password Make users' passwords automatically expire
Customize Password Age Policy in Windows 7 Add password to shared folder in Windows 7

Reset or change special Windows 7 passwords

There are of course multiple cases in which you'll find the need to reset or change a password, not necessarily related to Windows user account profiles; here are a few scenarios:

Change wireless network password in Windows 7 Reset or change router password in Windows 7
Change screensaver password settings in Windows 7 Remove "Change password" option from logon screen
Password-protect Outlook 2010 data file (PST) Password-protect a Word 2010 document

Change passwords in Windows 7

Windows 7 Tip: Of course, the extent to which you have control over the security settings and credentials of your own user account, and the account passwords of other users on a Windows 7 computer, depend mostly on your own administrative privileges: as an "Administrator", you can do much more than a "Standard User", for example. But PC safety should always remain your #1 goal.

Beyond Windows 7 password protection: basic and advanced security settings

Changing your Windows 7 password of course relies on the entire security model and settings built into Microsoft's latest consumer operating system. For more information about configuring your computer's options and settings, please see our Windows 7 Tutorial for a broader survey of all customization and tips Windows 7 offers for beginners and advanced users alike. Here are a few Windows security tutorials:

Only show user/password boxes on Logon Screen Auto-lock Windows 7 after unsuccessful logons
Prevent standard users from getting UAC prompts
Tutorial last updated on December 15, 2011
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