Automatically lock out Windows 7 users after unsuccessful logon attempts (wrong password entered)

If someone can try as many username / password combinations as needed to try to hack into a computer, perseverance and/or a computer program that simulates logon attempts will eventually crack these credentials and gain access to a compromised machine. By default, Windows 7 allows you to try unlimited (unsuccessful) attempts to login to a user account. As often, user-friendliness and security stand on opposite end; to make your PC more secure, you can configure Windows 7 to temporarily block a profile in these cases, rendering unauthorized access nearly unfeasible even to the most dedicated hacker. As you'll learn in this tutorial, there are a few security settings you can tweak for user logons.

Prevent people from guessing Windows 7 passwords just by trying!

Once you are logged into Windows, click on the start menu:


To disable automatic user account lockout, just set the "Account Lockout Threshold" back to zero, and Windows will automatically set the two other settings to "Not Applicable" when you click "OK".

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