Bypass Windows 7 password logon screen

When you add users in Windows 7 (including your own user account), you will have the option to password-protect access to your Windows profile. But even if you don't, Windows 7 will present you with a logon screen that lets you choose as which user you want to login to the operating system. But, especially if you are the only person using your laptop or desktop computer, and in a safe environment (i.e., where no-one can sit at your desk and access your PC), this security measure is a bit overkill, and you may want to tell Windows 7 to automatically load and logon to your user account, without going through the users screen and password requirements. In this tutorial, we will show you how to skip and bypass the logon screen and password prompt in Windows 7, in just a few clicks!

Password Logon Tip: before choosing to make Windows 7 skip the users screen and password prompts, keep in mind that you can simply remove password protection for your own Windows profile, without affecting other users on that PC.


Skip the password prompt and users screen in Windows 7

Follow these simple steps to configure your security settings to directly logon to your computer:

As mentioned earlier, this is the most convenient setting, but bypassing the password prompts is also the least safe setting, so you need to make sure that your computer is physically safe from being accessed by others (in a locked office, for example), or that you fully trust anyone who has physical access to your PC.

Windows 7 Tip: note that this setting affects all users on your computer, not just your own user account; second, this is a setting separate from the guest account any friend can use - and you can always disable the guest account in Windows 7.

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