Change Administrator password on a Windows 7 computer

Change Windows 7 Administrator's password Windows 7 can have several users listed as computer administrator (non "Standard Users"), which will have the ability to customize not only their own profile and settings, but also have security privileges elevated enough to actually affect the accounts of other users on that computer. For this reason, you should not only avoid creating "Administrator" users unless absolutely necessary, but you should also take particular care in choosing a password to protect access to the capabilities that come with this kind of Windows account. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the Administrator's password in Windows 7 - whether you are an Administrator yourself, or a standard user who happens to know the computer administrator's password (Windows 7 lets you change another user account's password, as long as you have the proper credentials to access it and change its settings).


Change the Windows 7 administrator's password

Follow these simple steps to choose another password for the computer's administrative account: (note that if you are the administrator and wish to change your own password, there is a simpler way - see how you can change your own user account password in Windows 7).

This is how you change the user account password of an administrator user in Windows 7!

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