Change wireless network password in Windows 7 (Network security key)

Once you or your network administrator has setup a wireless network for your Windows 7 computers and other machines, it should automatically (best practice and safest option) be secure, encrypted, and protected from access by a password (or "network key"), that keeps intruders away. When you first join that wireless network, Windows 7 will ask you to supply the password as authentication mechanism, and allow you to use that internet connection afterwards. But if the wireless network password / security key changes later on, you will need to change the network password, as explained in this tutorial.

Update network for wireless connection in Windows 7

Here are the steps to follow to update your wireless network credentials:


...And this is all it takes to update and change network password in Windows 7!

Tip: For more information on connecting wirelessly (or not) to the internet and local computers, see our Windows 7 Networking and File Sharing Tutorials.

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