Create a password reset disk in Windows 7

Whenever you add a password to your Windows 7 user account, it will be impossible to logon to your profile when the computer is locked; you can at any point add a password hint to help you remember the password in case you forget it. But in the worst case, neither you or anyone else remembers your Windows 7 password - so what do you do? Fortunately, Windows 7 includes a preventive feature that allows you to create a "password reset disk" - we boldfaced "preventive", because you absolutely need to create this reset disk before you get to the point of forgetting your password. Unlike a password hint, which needs to be updated whenever you change your Windows 7 password, a password reset disk will work once and for all, regardless of number of times you changed your password since then!

Burn a CD / USB Flash Drive for password restore purposes

Start by plugging in a USB thumb drive into your PC before you proceed. Unless you are using a blank CD, which can by default not be "re-written" over, you'll be able to use your flash drive for any other purpose: the password recovery file is extremely small, and can co-exist with your normal backed up files and folders!


Tip: a later tutorial will go through the password recovery process, should you ever need to use it. Let's reiterate: Windows 7 creates this file using an internal encryption that is independent from your password. This means (and is the reason why) you can still use this password recovery file on USB drive even if you change your user account password in the future. This password reset mechanism only works for the account that created it, but you probably already know that (1) an administrator's account can change other users' password, and (2) just as important, that you can also prevent standard users from changing their own password...

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