Create a strong password for Windows 7 user accounts

If you are using Windows 7 on a laptop, or on a desktop computer that is shared with other people (or used in location where other people could have access to that computer), password-protecting Windows is very important; even more important, especially for a traveling laptop that potentially contains sensitive information (or data that could be used to steal your identity), you need to create as strong a password as possible. In this tutorial, we will give you a few tips to come up with strong passwords.

Make a hard-to-guess password for your Windows 7 user account (profile)

Here are a few things to avoid if you want to have a strong password:


Find a tough password to protect your Windows 7 profile

Now that we've given you some pointers on what to avoid, here are a few suggestions, all of which will help you generate a very strong password that could well be hacker-proof:

The point of having your own convention is that if you remember the order in which you enter letters, numbers, and symbols, and the position at which you use uppercase letters, you are on your way to having the strongest possible Windows 7 password! (Since in most cases, you'll remember which symbol, which series of numbers, and which "words" combine into your new password - the order is typically the most difficult aspect of remembering a password.)

Password & Security Tip: as you may already know from a previous tutorial, you can change password hint in Windows 7; if you have a strong password, but an easy-to-guess secret reminder, anyone will be able to access your Windows profile - so if you change your Windows 7 password to a stronger one, also make sure to pick a very obscure password hint (but clear for you!)

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