Prevent standard users from getting the Windows 7 UAC / administrator password prompt

From a security standpoint, all Windows 7 users should typically run as "standard users": in case a virus infects your computer, it will only have the same privileges as you do, which in most cases will mitigate the damage. The downside of running as standard user is getting the UAC prompts for any action that requires elevated permissions (though you can always configure UAC setting to a lower level, or even turn off UAC prompts altogether - definitely not recommended!) The other side of this equation is standard users who do not know the administrator's password they would need anyway: in that scenario, UAC prompts are not only (mostly) useless, but also an aggravation. This tutorial explains how to turn off UAC prompt for standard users, while keeping the same security settings (silent protection, in other words). This also prevents standard users from gaining elevated privileges even with administrative credentials!


Hide User Account Control prompts for non-administrative users

Follow these steps to eliminate UAC prompts for standard users:

Note that this setting takes effect immediately, so make sure that you and/or someone else does have the full administrator credentials, which will sooner or later be needed to logon to that computer. While this is a very secure setting, that eliminates possibilities even for those who have admin name and password, it can also become very impractical, especially for advanced "power" users, who'll find their computing experience quite frustrating! Be sure to see how you can also hide usernames and only show blank text boxes on the Windows 7 logon screen for an even safer computer.

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