Setup and add password protection in Windows 7

When you create new user accounts, Windows 7 gives you the option of adding password protection or not; if you don't currently need to enter a password the logon to Windows, it means that your profile is not "password protected". Fortunately, this is a setting you can change at any time, as you'll learn in this tutorial. Conversely, you can at any point remove password protection from Windows 7. Let's now show you how to add a password to your profile, a preferable setting, security-wise.

Add a password to your Windows 7 user account

Here are the simple instructions to follow to enable password protection:


And you have successfully added password protection to your Windows 7 user account! Notice that when the Control Panel brings you back to the previous screen, you will no longer see the "Create a password for your account" link; instead, Windows 7 will show two new links, namely "Change your password" and "Remove your password". Previous tutorials cover these topics in details: easily learn how to change password in Windows 7, and how to remove password protection in Windows 7.
New security options visible after you add password protection

Windows 7 Tip: although Microsoft's latest operating system will allow you to use your PC without any form of password protection, we recommend that you always use a password, unless you happen to be the only one with physical access to this particular laptop or desktop computer (and even then, depending on your local network settings and security protection, having a password is safer).

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